The latest advances in linguistic psychology make it possible to predict personality from textual information from the novel open vocabulary approach. Together with the speed and precision of artificial intelligence analysis, they achieve that what for some might seem like magic, is today applied science at the service of human development. allows you to obtain data to assess from the texts of the person to be analyzed, instantly and reliably:


Social and
emotional skills

Probability of entrepreneurship and volunteering

With “Hard Evidence on Soft Skills,” Heckman and Kautz showed that personality traits predict and cause outcomes. Today, science has shown that personality is a critical factor for multiple milestones in life, that it is as important as cognitive skills or technical knowledge (or even more), and that it is modifiable. Within the personality models, the OCEAN is the only one on which there is a worldwide scientific consensus and for this reason, it is used in the fields: educational, work and therapeutic and is linked to socio-emotional skills (misnamed “soft”) .