is the assistant with artificial intelligence to make immediate analyses of personality, preferences, values and competences from texts in the natural language of a person, avoiding the self-perception bias.

1000 words + AI =

47 parameters compared with an extensive worldwide database, in a simple, immediate and reliable way using artificial intelligence

Uses is a service for professionals who work in:


SEL personality and skill studies and analysis

Orientation and coaching

Vocational and professional orientation based on personality, competencies and/or the probability of entrepreneurship

Personnel Selection

Educational and professional selection based on personality and social-emotional skills

Development and assessment

Educational and professional development of profiles based on personality and socio-emotional skills

What will you be able to know?​


OCEAN Five factors (Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism) and its 30 facets


The 12 needs or preferences of the “Universal Needs Map”


5 Basic human values that influence decision making


Analysis of 20 socio-emotional skills

probability of entrepreneurship
and volunteering


For professionals who work in selection, development, research, orientation and intervention, be it educational, occupational or psychological. It is not a service for individuals, since the interpretation of the data must be done by professionals used to personality and competence tests, under a digital code of ethical conduct. provides an accurate and extensive analysis of personality and social-emotional skills with which to complement diagnoses and assessments immediately and avoiding self-perception bias.occ

Watson, the artificial intelligence that allows this service to be carried out, has demonstrated very high precision in a large worldwide sample. In the initial validation process its results were compared with those offered by the NEO PIR test for a sample of 80,000 people.

The reliability of each analysis depends on the text to be analyzed. It is advisable to incorporate texts from the person to be evaluated of at least 1000 words, which should not be technical or scientific. 

You must bear in mind that the information offered is valuable in terms of the range (<25, 25-75, >75) in which the parameters are found and not in the specific figure it expresses.

The mean absolute error (MAE) is 0.12 for english texts. Watson uses a scale of 0 to 1 for the MAE, where 0 means no error (prediction and actual value match) and 1 implies maximum error.

All you have to do is register, providing your organization’s details and accepting the digital code of ethics. If you have a prescription code to obtain the 10% discount, you must include it.

Once you have registered, you will be able to purchase the number of analyses of each type that you are going to carry out in the course of a month. Each time you carry out an analysis, it will be deducted from the number of uses acquired. Remember that the validity of the uses you acquire is one month. It is better to acquire them as you need them.

You can acquire two types of analysis:

The analysis of personality, needs and values

The analysis of personality and social-emotional competencies (SEL) and the predictions of entrepreneurship and volunteering

In order to encourage the results of our projects to be developed according to ethical behavior guidelines and to facilitate the provision of quality services, which include, among others, the understanding and usefulness of the services provided, we have developed a Code of Responsible Behavior for users. This code is based on the guidelines of the American Psychological Association endorsed by the Testing Commission of the General Council of Psychology of Spain, the recommendations of the Beijing Consensus on artificial intelligence and education and the ethical principles contained in the Charter of Digital Rights.

Our aim is that all users, once they understand the usefulness of, are fully aware of the legal, deontological and ethical implications and responsibilities that its use entails.

Responsible behavior

The users commit themselves to respect the ethical principles of the psychological evaluation of the General Council of Psychology of Spain that apply.

The users commit to respect the Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

The users commit to respect the standards for the competence of teachers in the educational evaluation of students of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

The users commit to respect the guidelines for quality control, safety, and research, both national and international, elaborated by the American Psychological Association and endorsed by the Testing Commission of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

The users commit themselves to respect the recommendations of the Beijing Consensus on artificial intelligence and education, using the application as a support tool for teachers and teaching staff to encourage the various learning processes;

Users undertake to respect the ethical principles contained in the Charter of Digital Rights, highlighting for the correct use of the product the right of individuals not to be subjected to personality analysis or conduct involving the profiling of persons, except with the consent of the persons concerned or in cases and with the guarantees provided by law.

In short, users are committed to making responsible use of the tool. To this end, it is essential that users are committed to complying with all current legislation and with the relevant ethical rules that apply.

Confidentiality, privacy and data protection

By virtue of the data protection policy that we have with our users, the following commitments can be derived:

Users undertake that all information obtained through the use of the tool must be used for the purposes strictly established for it. Any other use of such information is strictly prohibited.

Users undertake to protect and adopt the necessary measures to safeguard the confidential and personal information to which they have access, collecting and processing the data in accordance with the legislation in force and professional obligations.

Users undertake not to disclose the personal and confidential information that has been exposed through the use of the tool, unless there is written authorization to do so or it is required by law.

Users agree not to share confidential information obtained through the use of the tool with any person (natural or legal) who does not have access to it, unless they have written consent to do so or for legal reasons.

Users undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information obtained through the use of the tool, treating it with special responsibility, control and protection.

Users undertake not to use confidential information about the data obtained for personal benefit or that of third parties.

Users undertake not to disclose such information in public or informal conversations with third parties.


    Information on data protection:  Aplicaciones Humanas con Inteligencia Artificial, S.L. will use your data to deal with your request. You have the possibility to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation or opposition to the processing of your data. More information here.